22 nov. 2008


Miles Smiles

I'll take a brief break from the index to comment on this recording, featuring the 60s quintet of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams. The compositions are mostly by Shorter, I believe. There are no weak tracks: Orbit, Ciricle, Footprints, Freedom Jazz Dance, Gingerbread Boy, Dr. Jackle. My favorite, however, is "Circle," where Miles does his "containment of emotion" to perfection. Emotion that is more poignant because it it contained rather than expressed full-bore.

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Andrew Shields dijo...

You know, I recently got the complete studio recordings of the Coltrane-Garland-Chambers-Jones quintet, but all I have of the Hancock, etc. group is Nefertiti and ESP. Something to rectify!