13 nov. 2008


*Jackson Mac Low. The Pronouns. 1979. 65 pp.

I found my copy of this classic book while looking for another book. I bought it at the same bookstore in Columbus Ohio where I bought much of my Clark Coolidge and Ron Silliman books in the late 80s and early 90s. I remember the guy who sold it to me making a disparaging remark about Mac Low.

The poems, writtten in 1964, are designed as "A collection of forty dances for the dancers." Each line consists of an action. They also work fine as poems that you can just read with no reference to dance at all.

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Gary dijo...

I love it when bookstore, video, or music store clerks let you know what they think of what you're getting.

The worst I've experienced:

The guy at Beat Books in Boulder, Colorado, who wanted me to know that everything any of the language writers is doing was done earlier and better by Coolidge.

The young clerk at Kim's Video on St. Mark's, who saw The Clash documentary I was bringing up to the counter just in time to make a snotty comment, not about The Clash, about the "kind of person who likes The Clash" to his coworker.