29 oct. 2008


*Ron Silliman. Lit. 1987. 70 pp.

What's the meaning of this? You call that poetry? It doesn't even rhyme. Most of it's in prose, if you want to call it prose, which is debatable. And it doesn't make much sense. It's published by "Potes & Poets Press." Well, make up your mind! Are you going to spell the word "poets" right or not? The emperor has no clothes! My kid could paint that. "Silliman is wrong and I can prove it." What happened to real poets like Robert Frost?

I don't understand poetry. I don't like poetry. I don't "get" poetry. I too dislike it. Poetry is boring. I probably couldn't tell you the difference between poetry written by Keats or the neighbor's cat. Why don't Americans read more poetry? Why don't high school students like poetry? I remember when people used to read poetry, when poems were published in the newspaper. There was a time when poetry was popular!

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K. Silem Mohammad dijo...

dood, dont be a hater, sillyman is doing somethign kool & diffrent which you obvisouly cant aprecate, you probly like boring ass shakespeere & emily dickson LOL

Joseph Duemer dijo...

On the other hand, Dana Gioia being wrong about poetry doesn't mean that Silliman is necessarily right.