20 oct. 2008


*Christian Bok. Eunoia. 2001. 100 pp.

I re-read this one over the weekend too. Delightful in every way.

I thought of a nice constraint: Write a poem in which the vowels appear in order, cycling around. It would be titled

"After I go up" (a e i o u)

Vocalic y could appear optionally between a u and the beginning of the new cycle.

You wouldn't have to complete the sentences at any particular point, so you could have phrases like "Erin outlasts her id. Your ad went into ugly ash." Lines could be printed in vocalic order, breaking every time on the word containing u or y. Certain words would obviously be excluded. You could use "fetid" of "weird," "evil," "your," "could" and "should." "Onus" is a good one, or "answer." "Umbrage."

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Gary dijo...

You should totally write this.