4 sept. 2008

(110) *Jorge Riechmann. Poema de uno que pasa. 2002. 46 pp.

(109) Guillermo Carnero. Espejo de la gran niebla. 2002. 56 pp.

(108) *David Bromige. The Harbormaster of Hong Kong. 1993. 84 pp.

(107) *Vicente Valero. Vigilia en Cabo Sur. 1999. 107 pp.

(106) Antonio Méndez Rubio. Un lugar que no existe. 1998. 70 pp.

I was proctoring a PhD exam for 3 hours yesterday so I finished these five books. It's amazing how much you can read and absorb in 3 hours with minimal distractions. Valero's evocation of Ibiza stood out, especailly his portrait of a character who collects fossils and sells them to tourists---along with Bromige's wit. Carnero is a masterful writer, but his modernist long poem in the Octavio Paz mode is not wholly convincing. Riechmann's aphoristic meditation represents some of the best qualities of his work. A few of these books have personal dedications to me. Valero is the only one with whom I've never had any communication.

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