2 ago. 2008

The 9,000 books project: The first 1%.

How to be Perfect. Arras. Coltsfoot Insularity. Fuera de mí. Más que el mar. Fábula del escriba. Brief Under Water. The Afterglow of Minor Pop Masterpieces. The Anger Scale. As in Every Deafness. Cuchillo casi flor. The Bird Hoverer. Habla (noventa poemas). Herodías. Counting on Planet Zero. Lázaro se sacude las ortigas. Some Words. If so, Tell me. Mis animales obligatorios. Our Selves. Apariciones profanas. Five T'ang Poets. Up to Speed. Under Flag. El hueco. Ese espacio, ese jardín. Arden las pérdidas. La poesía, ese cuerpo extraño. Y todos estábamos vivos. Partitura de la cigarra. Miniatures. Maxfield Parrish: Early & New Poems. Defensive Rapture. On My Way. Metaphor of the Trees and Last Poems. Reescritura. The Duino Elegies. The Shrubberies. To an Idea. Look Slimmer Instantly! The Blue Stairs. The Red Gaze. Ring of Fire. Jack Straw's Castle and Other Poems. Todos han muerto: poesía completa (1971-2006). Edades perdidas. Ca(z)a. Papiros amorosos. Los oriundos del paraíso. Los espacios cálidos. Rasgos comunes. Algunas palabras. Own Face. El sueño de las piedras. Libro de los trazados. Casi una leyenda. Descripción de la mentira. Ing. Material memoria. Shroud of the Gnome. Black Dog Songs. Drawn & Quartered. El movimiento de las flores. La mano muerta cuenta el dinero de la vida. Radi os. Forge. For Love: Poems 1950-1960. Del ojo al hueso. The Book of Who Are Was. To All Appearances. Sphericity. Words. Garbage. Calendas. Edenia. El ciego del alba. Travesía. Hilos. De este modo se llena un vacío. Dinde. Demo to Ink. Concierto animal. Inventario. Cien niños. Donde todo termina abre las alas. Las ínsulas extrañas. The Lyrics. Cuarzo. Estampas de ultramar.

I guess the conclusion is that poets aren't very good with titles. Only a few o these stand out as really kick-ass titles. How to be Perfect, Cuchillo casi flor, Look Slimmer Instantly!

3 comentarios:

Joseph Duemer dijo...

I think kick-ass titles are over-rated. I prefer the descriptive: Poems 1941-1948, or something equally bland. Don't try to impress me with the title is what I'm saying.

Jonathan dijo...

Since some of my favorite books don't have particularly great titles, I might have to agree with you up to a point. On the other hand I've always thought "Magical Thinking" was a wonderful title for a book of poems.

Joseph Duemer dijo...

That's funny. A couple of people I think highly of thought the title stunk, but I persisted. I should have called it The Power of Magical Thinking, in fact.