27 ago. 2008


César Vallejo. Aphorisms. Trans. Kessler. 2002. 83 pp.

These are kind of strange notebook entries by Vallejo. Not really aphorisms, most of them.

Yo amo a las plantas por la raíz y no por la flor.

That one is. My translation, superior to Kessler's, is "I love plants at the root and not at the flower."

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Anónimo dijo...

It seems within the limits of fair use to quote Kessler for those of us interested in such things but dissuaded from buying the book by your rules listed earlier and the superiority of your own translations!

Jonathan dijo...

"I love plants for the root, not for the flower."

Anónimo dijo...

Yep, without getting into all the questions of fidelity and translation etc, which I know little or nothing about, yours definitely reads and sounds better!