2 jul. 2008

I tend to write my articles by working at all parts of the article, from beginning to end, all at once, rather than starting at the beginning and going to the end. There are inherent inefficiencies in either method, but I find that I need to write down ideas as they occur to me, whether those ideas belong to the particular section I'm working on or not. The advantage to my method is that I never get stuck--there's always another section to work on, another task I can do somewhere else in the article. The inefficiency occurs in having messes to clean up rather than a steady flow from beginning to end.

I don't use outlines much. I have rough scheme in my head, but I work out organizational problems once I have enough on paper to work with.

I remember when cutting and pasting was literally cutting and pasting. You took scissors and cut out a paragraph and then put it somewhere else in your paper. Then you retyped the paper with the paragraphs in proper order.

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Jordan dijo...

I barely remember paste -- cutting and taping would have been the metaphors if my age cohort built the interface.

Looking forward to future reports from the process.