3 jul. 2008


Bernardo Atxaga. Esos cielos. 1996. 139 pp.

The night before I decided to study a little Basque, I had a dream that I was studying Basque and having to decline the word "Garmendia." Upon waking I felt I should study Basque--something that had never occured to me before. I was curious to what Garmendia was, the term that had appeared in my dream, and it turned out to be the real name of Atxaga, the most prominent Basque novelist of today.

I read this in Spanish, of course. A woman who has been in jail for 4 years for being a part of ETA or a splinter group thereof takes a bus from Barcelona to Bilbao. She has very little to get back to, since she's no longer in ETA. It's very well plotted, almost too well put together--the way the two plots--the events of the return home itself and all the other information about her past--are put together.

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