7 jun. 2008


*Silliman. Demo to Ink. 1992. 125 pp.

Here's some vintage Silliman, a big middle chunk of the Alphabet. I was struck on rereading this how much attuned he was to the aesthetics of everyday life. The "E" section is a collaboration with Armantrout.

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Jacob Russell dijo...

"Aesthetics of everyday life."

Went to a reading in Philadelphia last night. That would describe it. Add: (modulated) stream of consciousness.

Some of it gave me pleasure (humor can overcome great faults).

But not what I want. To do. Or to read.

Jacob Russell dijo...

Is humor a form of irony?

... both work contra sentimentality

Jacob Russell dijo...

... or is it the other way around?

Irony is a form of humor...