23 feb. 2008

I got a sound out the clarinet. The first day I had a little difficulty because I was overblowing the notes in the lower register and making them sound a 12th higher, even without hitting the register key. The second day I produced a fairly good tone and got my fingers to remember where some of the note were, with the help of a chart. I sight-read some easy duets with Julia, out of her elementary school trumpet method book. Luckilly both instrumenets are in B flat. Julia told me how to play "St. Thomas" in the key Sonny Rollins does, two sharps.

My next goal is to learn where all the notes are automatically, unconsciously, the way my fingers know the qwerty-uiop keyboard. Embouchure should come along fine by itself for now, without professional help. I don't need an atllissimo register right away. The clarinet sounds best in the lowest range and the medium high range.

The instrument itself seems fine. Since a better instrument gives better tone, and my tone is already half-way decent on only my second day, I'm figuring it's going to ok until I reach the point it's holding me back.

Medium-term goal: learn Russell Procope's solo on "Mood Indigo."

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Tom dijo...

What kind of clarinet did you get by the way?

Tom King

Jonathan dijo...

I got an Austin Bazaar student clarinet for very little money. I don't know much about the instrument itself, but it seems fine for my current needs.