20 feb. 2008

I bought a clarinet. Not really sure why, except after my March 31 deadline for the Lorca project come around, it would be nice to start mixing things up a bit. That's probably why!

Do I still know how to play the clarinet? That remains to be seen. When I try to figure out what a melody is, my fingers tend to move about clarinet-style. If I can really play, then I'll probably need a better one than the one I purchased.

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Bob Basil dijo...

How well did you play the clarinet?

Jonathan dijo...

I stopped after 9th grade, but I wasn't one of the best 9th grade players.

Bob Basil dijo...

Just a few weeks ago I bought a copy of "Treat It Gentle" by Sidney Bechet. I'd lost or sold my original copy.

The "It" is one's muse. It's a cautionary book: Don't mess with whatever it is that makes you creative. Don't sing for applause, etc.

It is also very well written, and/or well transcribed/edited. (John Ciardi was in charge of the project, and you can definitely hear him in the prose.)

At any rate, SB's clarinet playing is the very best, IMO.