8 feb. 2008


Penelope Fitzgerald. The Book Shop. 1978. 123 pp.

This was a delightfully droll book about a a woman opening and then being forced to close a book store in a water-logged Suffolk town in 1959. Another novel, Lolita, is almost a character in the book.

By coincidence this book, like The Sea, The Sea is also from 1978, written by an Englishwoman, and takes place in an old, damp British house on the seacoast.

The recommendation comes by way of Jordan.

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Jordan dijo...

Glad it worked out. Have you read Henry Green's Concluding? I think I like it best of his, then Living, Partygoing, Loving, Back, the memoir Pack My Bag, J. Treglown's biography of him... Not crazy about Nothing, Doting, or Blindness.

Wish I liked Barbara Pym better - she seems rather like Father Ted to me - good but we don't click.

Jonathan dijo...

I've read all of Henry Green. Just not recently. Living, Loving, Partygoing are the best in my memory. I'll have to take another look at Concluding.