29 ene. 2008


Nothing I have read so far is as good as the type of novels I normally read--by Harry Mathews, Gilbert Sorrentino, Murakami, and a few select others. A few novels I've started--by Faulkner and G. Eliot--are a bit more promising. My plan is to read quality literary type novels checked out from the public library, avoiding novels I've read before, and not repeating authors more than a few times each.

If a person read novels instead of watching television for two hours a night, that person would in a few years' time be very well read.

3 comentarios:

Bob Basil dijo...

Do you have any Henry James on your list?

Jonathan dijo...

I have no list. I'm just reading where my readings take me. I'm trying not to do too much re-reading, so Henry might have to take a back seat to others, unless I can think of one by him I've never read. Maybe The Golden Bowl?

I'm loving Adam Bede and Light in August.

Bob Basil dijo...

"The Golden Bowl" surpassed my brain-limit: I couldn't read anything more complicated than "The National Enquirer" for a month. I love James' nouvelles, his long stories, like "The Altar of the Dead."