26 nov. 2007

Tonight I made a pretty decent chicken curry by putting in the blender a clove of garlic, about the same amount of ginger (if ginger came in cloves...), a small onion, 4 oz. of tomato sauce, a red bell pepper, some ground cumin and garam masala, sauteeing the resulting paste in some oil and butter, and then adding a little water, some cut-up boneless pieces of chicken and a small container of plain yogurt. Salt to taste and cook until the chicken is done. It would be good with about a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper or even more but I didn't add it because I was trying to reproduce a restaurant dish that my daughter had liked which was quite mild. I didn't need to put as much water as I did. The sauce was thin but the leftovers should be fine.

I also cooked up some orange lentils with a little turmeric, black mustard seeds, nappa cabbage, and ginger for a nice soup.


The other lentil soup I like involves making a "sofrito" first by sauteeing onions, garlic, and bell peppers in OLIVE OIL in the bottom of a pressure cooker, then adding brown lentils, water, a carrot or two sliced up, and the normal bay leaf, salt, pepper, etc... Pressure cook for 20 minutes, then, when you can open the contraption, add some cut-up baby spinach and cook till that is wilted. It makes a very substantial meal with some bread.


Someone in line in the farmer's market told Akiko to cook swiss chard in a little olive oil, chopped garlic, and raisins. That is very easy and we've been eating that lately.

I made a kind of relish last week by sauteeing tiny pieces of fresh poblano peppers with diced onions and a dash of cumin. It is good on burritos. You want to use twice as much poblano pepper as onion. It's one of those "3 ingredient recipes."


My recipes never have quantities. I rarely look at a cook book when I am cooking something I basically know how to make.

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Joseph Duemer dijo...

My recipes never have quantities either, unless I'm baking bread & then I'm still pretty loose, just keeping the proportions right. I've been making curries too this fall, particularly with lamb.

shanna dijo...


Jonathan dijo...

Nobody eats lamb in my household, nobody else aside from me that is...

Joseph Duemer dijo...

We bought a half lamb for the freezer from a local farmer this year.

Barney dijo...

Try throwing in some pine nuts with the raisins and Swiss Chard some time--it adds both nuttiness and a nice textural contrast to the chard and raisins.