3 nov. 2007

Today I'm making a Boatman's Stew.

Boil some water, and while the water boils

Take some cod (1/2 pound per person) and lay it in the bottom of a different saucepan.

Add to the pot with a the fish: a bay leaf, some salt and pepper, a little white wine, a T of olive oil, cayenne pepper to taste

some chopped celery, tomatoes, onion, garlic, bell peppers, parsley, a smallish potato, etc...

With all of the above there in your pot, with the cod at the bottom, pour the boiling water over it till everthing is covered and switch it to the burner that is already hot from boiling your water. Cook 45-60 minutes over medium heat. There will be a tasty broth filled with fish and whatever else you put into it.

This dish cannot fail with high quality ingredients.

Eat with a little fresh bread.

4 comentarios:

J Crockett dijo...

That sounded so working class, until an expert fresh bread save! Are you feeling radical?

Jonathan dijo...

So the working class uses stale bread?

J Crockett dijo...

Maybe the lower-middle working classes.

I've heard things about those people. They say, but don't quote me out of context-- they say they don't use bread. They use tools, and make the bread for us to consume. They say they don't use a god damned thing. Isn't that something?

I find it unfathomably incomprehensible.


JforJames dijo...

I'm going to try this recipe next Sunday. Got soup on the boil this evening.