16 nov. 2007

Data Laundering

The dryer had some kind of object in it which was making a clanking noise, as though I had left a fingernail clipper or a quarter in my pants pocket. So I opened the dyer and found... a Kingston data drive that I had been missing since coming back from Virginia. Very dry, the one where I store a backup of my entire Lorca book. Doesn't matter, since I have everything backed up on Kingston Data Stick #2.

But I was curious, so I took #2 off the USB port and attached #1 (very clean and dry) to the port. Opened up a Lorca chapter... and my data was still there, seemingly unscathed after having been washed and dried.

3 comentarios:

Jilly dijo...

LOL I just did that today. My data was OK too.

Joseph Duemer dijo...

Here is yet another testimonial for the durability of Kingston flash drives. I've done the same thing.

Jonathan dijo...

I think it's almost inevitable, given the size and portability of those drives, that they must have engineered them to withstand laundering, knowing they would be left in pants and shirt pockets.