18 oct. 2007

Plus I must love making lists.

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Bob Basil dijo...

You need to do a book of lists. Have I already suggested this?

You can publish this book either before or after you publish your book on writing exercises.

Up to you. *smiles*

You need to get your name on that list of writers not recognized by the Nobel Prize!

Jonathan dijo...

Yes, I definitely have NOT been recognized by the Nobel prize, That is an objective *fact.*

Bob Basil dijo...

What I mean is that you are a couple of great books away from being "on the list" and that I, more than any other, know what those couple of books need to be. *smiles*

(While I have definitely not been recognized by the Nobel Prize, I will never appear on a list of those overlooked.)

Jonathan dijo...

Yes, once I write "Ulysses" I will be half way to my Nobel.

I think you are kind of blinded by friendship here, Bob.

Bob dijo...

More likely that my joke fell flat, alas. (Not that being blinded by friendship is always a bad thing!)

At any rate, big official prizes for "Literature" are a very silly idea, to my mind. Your readers are your number-one prize; your contract for your next book is your number-two prize; getting a good gig because of your books is your number-three prize.