31 oct. 2007

I finished three chapters of my Lorca book this month: Creeley + Spicer / O'Hara / and Koch. Now I am having various expert readers look at them while I forge on to write the "deep image" chapter in which I present a novel and original theory about this school of poetry. It's funny when I get into "completion mode" the number of words in a chapter goes down each day rather than increasing. Each day I am unwriting 500 words instead of writing them.

92 days of the Seinfeld chain method, from August 1 to October 31, is what produced these chapters. Two hours a day of writing was difficult to manage on some days, quite easy on other days. Some days I was highly productive and the lightbulb lit up numerous times, other days I was a relative dullard, but the continuity of the effort paid off.

Late next week I'll be in Charlottesville VA for a Hispanic Poetry Conference where I'm speaking on Frank O'Hara and Lorca.

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