17 sept. 2007

I had a look at White Sun Black Sun (Jerome Rothenberg) today in special collections here at Kansas. It is amazing how the whole discussion about the deep image hardly ever cites a line from one of the first books of deep image poetry (if not the first). One reason is that you have to go to the rare book room to read it. There's no collected poems of JR that includes this material.

I also re-read some of the early theoretical texts by Rothenberg and Kelly in Trobar on the deep image. It's not necessarily what you might expect it to be.


I tried a new experiment with my scholarly writing yesterday. I was sick of all the chapters I was writing all at the same time so I opened up a blank microsoft document and just wrote down ideas for two hours without thinking necessarily of where these ideas would end up.

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Anónimo dijo...

Yes, Jonathan - it is amazing indeed how those core books of Deep Image never get mentioned. I have a student, however, who is completing (slowly) a PhD dis on early Deep Image, i.e. on JR & RK early work & on the Trobar issues. If he gets that published we will have a better historical sense of those early and, to my mind, cvery important poetics.

-- Pierre