23 ago. 2007

Words I want to use very soon in my chapter.

lithic, chthonic, syllepsis, tmesis, gnomic, hapax legomenon

There's a flavor to Greek vocabulary that isn't there in Latinate words. Even visually those ch, ph, th, gn, ic, esis clusters give your prose a certain look. It's not for the sans serif in spirit.

I want to use the phrase "hubristically shallow judgment." I fact I did use it.

Thanks to Jerry Seinfeld I now have 12,800 words in this chapter. I like the moment, though, when the word count starts shrinking rather than growing. Then you know you're closer to compleiting it, because you're taking converting the last of the disconnected phrases into actual sentences and then making the prose more concise, taking out a few digressions. I'm hoping once I have 60 pages I can bring it down to 45 again. Otherwise it will split into two chapters.

I was suprised to see Gary Snyder called a "deep image" poet in one of the secondary sources I was looking at. That's weird.

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