24 abr. 2007

Robert Pinsky. Like Altoids, but "curiously bland" instead of "curiously strong." Rooting poetry in oral performance is a radical theory, but couched in such bland, middle-brow language it's not likely to have radical consequences.

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GJPW dijo...

Bland, self-important, careerist, the ultimate mediocre poet, that's Pinsky. Studying with him at BU was a lesson in what to avoid as a poet and teacher.

I love Stephen Spender's observation about Pinsky (in his Journals, Faber & Faber, 1985):

"He read a long poem about playing tennis which was wonderfully observed, but it struck me that this was poetic copy-writing. Illustrated with photographs, the poem would make a marvellous brochure for a firm selling tennis rackets."