13 mar. 2007

While in a bookstore this morning here in Santiago de Compostela, I found a copy of a poetry journal with two poems of mine in it, from a few years back when I was writing directly in Spanish. La alegría de los náufragos. I never got this issue. One of them is a poem in which I tell the story of the death of Kasey Mohammad´s brother. The other is poem in which Ron Silliman and Kasey Mohammad-like figures do battle in my brain.

They put Billy Collins in this issue. That seems a little strange, but I guess the editors didn´t know any better. That could explain my presence there too, come to think of it.

2 comentarios:

K. Silem Mohammad dijo...

Hey Jonathan, could I ask you to send me a copy of that poem (and maybe a rough translation)?

Jonathan dijo...

Sure. I´ll do it when I get back to the States.