28 ene. 2007

Condescend to Hart Crane at your peril.

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Jesse dijo...

you know that Peter Gabriel song --- games w/o frontiers, walls w/o tears ... she's so popular?

how is it said in Spanish, "the frontier of the game."

I'm serious. I need it for a poem.

plz backchannel--- jesse at listenlight dot net

Henry Gould dijo...

I'm working on a letter (in my head) to the NYTBR in response Logan's review.

I think Crane is like Whitman in the way he contains stretches of very bad and very good poetry. & also like in Whitman in the way that his capaciousness, & his idealism or spiritual enthusiasm, overcomes his literary faults. & thes reason these elements are able to overcome the faults is because in both cases they are undergirded by sheer poetic talent working at a very high level.

Crane is one of those strange poets who will continue to be read because their contradictions are generative - new generations find new things in them.

Jonathan dijo...

La frontera del juego

Jesse dijo...