29 nov. 2006

My Diacritics piece is out. You'll need access to Project Muse from a University Library to read it. If you really find the topic compelling I will send you an offprint, once I get them. It's on Paul Celan and a cont. span. poet, J.A. Valente, and issues of translation theory. The editorial process was long and protracted. I'm afraid to read the final product myself, fearing it's a little bloated.

Don't be confused by the 2004 date: it just came out last week.


Reading some Henri Meschonnic. I don't quite know what it's about yet. It has rhythm in the title but doesn't seem to really be about that in any recognizable sense. I know what he doesn't like, at least.

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Piers Hugill dijo...

For more on Meschonnic have a look at my new blog: I'm doing a hopefully detailed and concerted study of his work at the moment, plus some more translations (of which ther are really only a few at the moment, and very partial at that.

Th link is: