18 sept. 2006

There's a serious radio debate. One side saying torture is a good thing we need to use. The other side, not. I kept waiting for TOTN host Neil Conan to say, "Look, here at Talk of the Nation we don't treat the pro-torture side as just one side of a civilized debate, so I'm going to have to hang up on you now, University of California, Berkelely Law Professor asshole John Yoo." Needless to say, Neil never said this.

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Greg dijo...

Could anyone have predicted 5 years ago there would be discussions concerning torture by the American government in such a cavalier way. Is this how democracies slip into tyranny? One giant step at a time. Will we next be debating GWB declaring marshall law, and postponing elections? It could happen here. And it is.

Jonathan dijo...

I'm sure we've tortured before, and trained Latin American police forces to torture. What is different now is making the explicit argument that this is *OK," that attempts by congress to even regulate it are "micromanaging the executive branch." And this from "liberal" media sources like the NYT and NPR.