25 sept. 2006

My 13-year old self says to me:

What are doing? What happened to your poetry? You became a mere professor, hiding behiind a wall of books.

My 46-year old self responds:

Yes, but this is all really your fault! You obsessed over writing the perfect poem, reworking one stanza all night. You were already a mini-professor at age 13, beginning to accumulate those books. You never just relaxed and wrote, or ran away from home. You doomed me from the start. You should have known what I know now. "Bald heads, forgetful..." You didn't seem to get that Yeats poem.

2 comentarios:

Robert dijo...

This post hit me hard. Maybe it hit the 13-year-old mini-professor in me. In any case, it's time to take the advice I was dishing out on the Ploughshares blog: and get back to writing, rather than whining. Thanks for the reminder.

Robert dijo...

p.s. Lorca asked me to tell you, "Podrías ser todavía un profesor en los cinco sentidos corporales." No idea what that means. But he seemed adamant.