6 sept. 2006

It's not every day a story about me is published in the Daily Kansan, the student newspaper here:

Kansas Spanish Professor Jonathan Mayhew has signed a new, five-year contract that guarantees him at least $1.5 million a year, according to an announcement made today.

The new contract more than doubles his guaranteed salary, which was previously nearly $610,000 a season. The contract is written to begin Jan. 1, 2006 and expires following the 2010 academic year. The new contract make Mayhew the fifth-highest paid Big 12 Spanish Professor.

"I want to thank Chancellor Hemenway for his strong and continued support," Mayhew said in a release. "We all share the same vision for excellence in our Spanish program."

In the new agreement, Mayhew's base salary is raised from $128.438 to $220.000. He will also be paid $1.28 million for public appearances and radio and television shows. The contract also pays as much as $650,000 in incentives.

"This is a significant day in the history of the Kansas Spanish program," Kansas Chancellor Hemenway said. "Jonathan Mayhew has done an excellent job reviving this program. I think it's important that we not only reward Jonathan for the job he's done, but also give him the support and stability he needs to continue to turn this Spanish program into a top-tier program. We are happy to be able to make this announcement before this academic year starts."

5 comentarios:

Robert dijo...

Wow. Good thing you gave up that dead-end career as a professional football player and did something really lucrative like teach Spanish literature.

Bob dijo...

Can't sneeze at 28,100 seasons ticketholders, it's true ... but that can't compare to the number of Bemsha Swingers!

Ernesto dijo...

Wow. I mean, wow.

Excuse me for being silly: that's a joke, right?

Robert dijo...

Ernesto: how dare you mock one of the "Big 12 Spanish Professors" of our time.

Kendall dijo...

Absolutely brilliant!