12 jul. 2006

Million Poems.

I like the cool elegance of Jordan's Davis's recent poem, "Nightmute, or the Stowaway." The play between emotional detachment and engagement. This is only the first section:

"I got to talking
To the unregistered passenger
About the Beatles. He was a bit
Of a musicologist.

He liked the drones
And the diminished elevenths,
The fur and the claw.
We scanned to port for dolphins.

We were waiting for a feeling
Neither of us knew,

A measuring tape stretching
From the gun mentioned in act one
To the dramaturg
Flirting with the sound effect girl.

I had to laugh when she said
Her name was Constance Garnett --

'Where do I know you from
And while you're here,
What's with all the extra code
In the genome.'

Wish you were here."

2 comentarios:

fin dijo...

that is so beautiful

elizabeth dijo...

I enjoyed this immensely - the tug and pull, strands of enveloping intersubjectivity explored. Nice. Thanks for sharing this.