24 may. 2006

I'm reading Poeta en San Francisco. (The book of poems as well as the blog.) I got the book because of the Lorquian resonance of the title, hoping it would fit into my book project, at least as a reference. I may not have that much to say about it in my Lorca book, beyond a paragraph or two, but I do like its trilingual macaronics and its sharp edges. At least I know Spanish and English.

It's anti-orientialist, thus reverses the trend of orientalizing readings of Lorca. There's not much about Lorca here, but I believe I can make a rough analogy. Poeta en Nueva York / Poeta en San Francisco. Lorca / Barbara Jane Reyes. Spanish poet / poet from former Spanish colony (Islas Filipinas). Both poets looking at racial dynamic of American, coastal city.

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Jordan dijo...

Looking forward to this book. (Incidentally, the link's not going through --)

Jonathan dijo...

Fixed the link.