12 abr. 2006

The article has now morphed into a book. It is almost the perfect Comparative Literature Project, and who but me to write it? Who else has this combination: (1) specialized knowledge of Lorca, primary and secondary sources (2) knowledge of contemporary Am. poetry and poetics (3) translation theory??? There are more erudite Lorquistas than I: Andrew Anderson, Christopher Maurer, Luis Fernández Cifuentes. There are people who know American poetry better too, too numerous to name. There are those who have a more complete grasp of translation theory (Lawrence Venuti) or who are better translators. In fact, for any single aspect of this book, there is someone superior to me. What I might be able to do is to put it all together.

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Dan Coffey dijo...

I think someone over here at Iowa State has that combo too, sorry. Oh, wait, no, he's into L'jaws, not L'orca. A real Spielberg nut.