11 mar. 2006

Just back from the AWP in Austin, and hanging out with people like Kasey, Anne B., Jordan, Jess, Lee Ann, Joshua Clover, Tony Robinson, Laurel, C. Dale, Kenneth Koch's son-in-law Mark Statman, Gina, Peter Gizzi, Jennifer Moxley, Danielle Pafunda, Chris (Edgar, co-editor of The Hat), Julie Dill, Shanna, Garrett, Josh Corey, Liz Willis, Reb L., Stephanie Young, Aaron Tieger, Aaron Belz, Mark Halliday, and numerous others. Some I met for the first time, like Gary Norris. Many I knew before. I met Eileen Myles, that was pretty cool. I even met Joe Massey.

There are only a few bloggers who have been blogging along with me since 2002 or 03 whom I have not yet met.

Didn't get to meet Tony Tost. I was sorely disappointed by that. They put two blogging panels in competition and I could only be one place at a time.

Josh Corey talks exactly like he writes in the Cahiers. In fact, he's the exact same person as he plays on line. This is comforting.

The Kenneth Koch panel was awesome. I seemed to have gone over well, and Jill's paper on Koch's pedagogical didactic side was brilliant, as were the other panelists. Just the combined insights of the five of us, I think, gave a sense of the depth and reach of Koch's work. I was happy to contribute just my small part to that.

If I didn't put your name in this list, it's not that I didn't like meeting you. I liked everyone I met, in fact. It just means I got back after an interminable plane trip and am exhausted.

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