5 mar. 2006

It Ain't Your Parents' Bad Poetry, But...:

"Those of you who write *actual* poetry will probably not be familiar with the term "flarf," and will undoubtedly *not* find it rewarding to be enlightened on the subject."

This is closed-minded and presumes quite a bit. It is the very exemplification of closed-mindedness. Not only are these readers presumed not to know about flarf, but they are presumed not to be the least bit curious. If you write *real poetry, you won't be interested in a particular parodic form of poetry that has emerged recently. Huh? Why not? I imagine some people who prefer more mainstream work will think flarf is a hoot , or a valuable contribution to poetry, and others won't.

The argument from ignorance: "desprecia cuanto ignora" as Machado would say.

3 comentarios:

Matthew W. Schmeer dijo...

Thanks for this...it'll help me explain to my creative writing students why poetry should go beyond the mere personal.

Mike H dijo...

Abramson's whole arguement is sabotaged by the 'actual poetry' remark. It just makes me think of someone saying 'Now this is poetry!'. Its the sentiment of one who operates with a formula in mind, whether they know or not. And anything outside the formula is mocked.

Jonathan dijo...

I agree. It is kind of sad that he doesn't even realize it.