16 mar. 2006

I haven't quite figured out the issue of periodicity on The Duplications. I don't get that many submissions, so I haven't found anything I really wanted to publish in the past few months. I really want to publish a few poems every week. Someone wrote

"Och som Lars påpekar har Jonathan Mayhew publicerat en del fina dikter på The Duplications."

Which I interpret to mean: "Also, Lars notes that Jonathan Mayhew has published a fine poet in The Duplications."

Of course, I don't even know what language this is. Swedish? Norwegian? Danish? So I'm sure my translation is off.

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Petrus Pokus dijo...

»And as Lars notes, Jonathan Mayhew has published some fine poems on The Duplications« would be my quick attempt of translating my words. I don't know if the grammar is off, but you probably get the point. The language is swedish, by the way.

Jonathan dijo...

Thanks, dude. Swedish was my first guess but I wasn't sure.