15 feb. 2006

I'm near to finishing February's article. It's about the way this particular book of poetry seems to opt out of certain modes of presentation. I'm particularly interested in the resistance to the sexualization of the female author.

In Spanish literature since Franco, that sexualization is one way women writers can get noticed. One of the only ways. It's kind of the "Colette syndrome." I'm not saying I disapprove of Colette, but surely we don't want to make all women writers into Colette or Anais Nin? Just saying.

March will be my Kenneth Koch/Creeley/Lorca article. Ben Friedlander is being very helpful back-channel with this project. He really knows his Creeley.

My Diacritics article on Celan and Valente is coming out this Spring. It will be a 2004 issue, but coming on in 06.

I could be accused of re-writing this article in my Beckett/Valente article finished in January. Of course, Beckett is not Celan so the two pieces are very different--approaches to the same critical problem from different angles.

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