19 ene. 2006

I sometimes wonder why there are not more of me. That is, people who got into my field because of reading and wanting to read Neruda, Aleixandre, and Lorca in the 1970s. I would have never gone into my field to be a specialist on the Spanish novel. As interesting as this field is, it doesn't have the same kind of resonance. In other words, I don't imagine people learning Spanish just in order to read Baroja, Unamuno, Azorín, Cela, Delibes, Goytisolo, Martín Gaite. Of course, that's just the Spanish novel. Latin American prose has Borges, Rulfo, García Márquez, so I can imagine that quite easily.

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neftali3 dijo...

I got in because of the poets too. Check out this on Neruda: http://www.redpoppy.net/pablo_neruda.php