28 nov. 2005

To judge poets by their participation in communities of their peers is to judge a group of mostly very introverted people by a strange, alien criterion. Must poets be gregarious? Or is this compensatory, given that the actual activity of writing is so solitary, that it can in fact be done in complete isolation? I don't judge a novel by whether the novelist has lunch with other novelists. Of course I have suffered by having a mostly very attentuated sense of knowing other poets.

Of course there are extroverts too among our ranks.

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Yaga Cuba dijo...

Hello Jonathan,
I don't know who you are, however when taking roll time comes, I'm in the same boat. Or when your friends want to give you the sportsmen treatment and call you by your last name, I know who you are. It may be a shallow level, but hey I just checked out your blog and liked what you're doing. It has prompted me to organize a few jottings to pepper my own blog up..

What's your background by the way??


Ed Mayhew

(most random comment ever)sealed and delivered

Jonathan dijo...

My particular branch of Mayhews comes from Utah and California by way of Indiana.