23 nov. 2005

I got a copy of Coltsfoot Insularity by Jess Mynes and Aaron Tieger. I'd order yours fast because there are only 150 copies printed.

It's an interesting collaboration because the style of the two poets seem to meld. I can't usually tell which poems are by which poet, except when I happen to know already from having seen the poems in my capacity as editor of The Duplications.

Other recent acquisitions:

Laura Sims, "Practice, Restraint."

Kenneth Koch's Collected.

I like a few of Sims' poem quite a bit. One in particular that I'll be getting to later. As so often is the case, I find a few poems that really catch my attention rather than thinking the entire book is consistently strong from start to finish.

My plan for the Kenneth is to read it from start to finish--something I never do with a Collected Poems.

3 comentarios:

Tony dijo...


You should read my collected poems. They're good with Spanish food.

C. Dale dijo...

Just read Koch's Collected start to finish a couple of weeks ago because one of my students was reading it and I wanted to refresh myself so I could respond to his critical writing with some sense of intelligence. It was a great trip.

CLAY BANES dijo...

The painting of Koch on the cover reminds me of Jarvis Cocker.