30 oct. 2005

There's Clifford Brown all day today on my favorite internet radio station, WKCR in New York from Columbia University. Clifford is my favorite trumpet player after Miles, who is beyond category.

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C. Dale dijo...

Miles is, most definitely, beyond category. Godlike? Yes, he is godlike.

Gary Norris dijo...

not that i condone such behavior but i was very young and drinking everclear at a party i crashed with a local poet friend in denver (many years ago) and we were collecting photographs of people we met...a great album if I can show it to you...but we ended up in the backyard humming our jazz favorites with a couple of strangers. my friend decided that he was coleman hawkins and that i was clifford brown.

i am still called out about this drunken impersonation every so often by somebody i don't know in this way: "hey, aren't you clifford brown? remember that night? come on, do clifford brown." well, i can't "do" clifford brown. but i love clifford brown. so, there it is.

doesn't everyone have a clifford brown story?