11 oct. 2005

My editorial philophy, ongoing. I must have a flow of poems to keep the The Duplications alive. I can't wait for the few great poems to come along every month or so. A blog/mag must have a daily quality like other blogs. Yet I must have a few really extraordinary poems to make the site viable and legit as a poetry mag. Of course, I'll never say which are which. Ok, if you twist my arm enough, I'll say some of the best poems so far are authored by Tony Robinson and Julia Tsuchiya-Mayhew. And a good start with Raphael and Jess.

I need to do a month of only women poets. That will be November. So if you are a poet of the male persuasion send me your poems before too long. November will feature, deo volente, poems of Nada Gordon, Sarah Manguso, Ange Mlinko, and other poetry Goddesses.

I don't stockpile poems. I publish them the moment they are accepted. Sometimes even before they are accepted! The poem might be on the site before its author checks her email.

Acceptance rates are high. But that is because people only know of this magazine if they are readers of BS. And the readers of Bemsha Swing are perhaps the most poetically aware people in the English-speaking world.

I still need quietudinous poems. That is, poems by card-carrying SoQ poets who might feel the need to write a poem that's not suited for the Iowa Review. How about it, C. Dale?

5 comentarios:

Laurel dijo...

Does being in the Iowa Review qualify one for the SoQ?

I want to know where I'd fall as a post avant/ SoQ/ etc writer....

Jonathan dijo...

It's more a matter of self-deifinition.

C. Dale dijo...

Jonathan, I have no poems to send. Otherwise, I would. I guess I need to write some. As for being a SoQ poet, I may well be one, but I doubt I carry the membership card. From your own lists in another post, I like 50% of the SoQ list and 50% of the post-avant list. And to make it more complicated, I wouldn't want every issue of Ploughshares or Sulfur. So, to send I need to write. But I am in no position to be writing poems right now. I am taking a hiatus from writing poems. After the last 24 hours, it may be a year or more before I can inhabit that soace I need to write poems. So, I will gladly ask some friends of mine, who probably are SoQ by your litmus test, to send you some work. The Duplications is a good thing. I want it to thrive.

Tony dijo...


Do you want that ten bucks now or later?


Jonathan dijo...

Be well, C. Dale. I hope your resolve your problem, to which you vaguely allude on your blog.

If I were to take money for promoting poets' works, it would be a lot more than $10. I think a Bemsha endorsement would be worth at least 100.