13 oct. 2005

Mipoesías, the Tom Beckett issue, is up. I have a poem there. right here I can't get the audio to play on my computer, for some reason. That's probably a good thing, because I don't think I read the poem very well.


David Perry gave a good paper at the poetics seminar yesterday. Wish you had been there.

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Tom Beckett dijo...


Yr audio works, I believe, on the podcast just not yr page. Didi is planning to fix the page.



Jonathan dijo...

It seems to be working now, although a line or two gets swallowed.

Gary dijo...

What was David Perry's paper on?

Jonathan dijo...

It was on poetry and politics and terrorism and tourism, Juliana Spahr and Lisa Jarnot, among other things. You kind of had to be there. Unfortunately they've taken the paper down of the website already.

David dijo...

Hey Gary/Jonathan/others

I'd be happy to send the paper to interested parties. I'm glad, though, that it's not up, as it was nowhere near where I'd hope to get it once I figured out what I was after (I'm never teaching four classes in one semester again!).

Jonathan's very kind: "you kind of had to be there." It was a bit of a mess. I'm not being self-deprecating, at least not by my lights--I *liked* that it was a mess, and I appreciated the discussion and Jonathan's invitation. I felt like it provided me the opportunity to think through a number of things to a point where they *began* to make sense.

Anyway, poetry=terrorism. Just kidding, of course. But not really. When I get a chance, I'd like to work out some kinks in the original "paper" and perhaps turn it into several more focused pieces.

Jonathan's doing the Lawrence-KC community a great service with the Poetics Seminar by the way.

Hear hear!