20 oct. 2005

In my rather facetious quiz the other day I put Norman Finkelstein's name on the wrong list. I was thinking of a particular poet and Norman's name came to mind. Of course, I can't remember who I was trying to think of, because whenever I do Norman's name comes up. I am rather embarrassed because of course Norman is not at all equivalent to the other SoQ names I put there. He has written about Bronk, Ronald Johnson, and other poets I admire. I've emailed a friend with psychic abilities who can tell me who it was I was really thinking of. Stay tuned. Multiple apologies to Norman Finkestein. Not that there is any shame in being associated with other poets on this list, but simply because the association was not at all accurate.

3 comentarios:

Mark Scroggins dijo...

Donald Finkel?

Mark Scroggins dijo...

Hard to beat these Finkel lines --

The poem makes truth a little more disturbing,
like a good bra, lifts it and holds it out
in both hands.

--tho I'm not sure for *what*.

Jonathan dijo...

I think I was thinking of Irving Felman.