12 oct. 2005

I saw "A History of Violence" last night. I went to the 10:15 show, so of course I couidn't get to sleep until 1 a.m. It's a very good movie, with a very few false notes. I liked William Hurt as the brother and Viggo/Aragorn as the main character.

I thought some of the profanit was misplaced. The wife at one point says "I can't believe what's f******* going on here!" To my ears the the place to put the effing is

"I can't f******* believe what's going on here!"

A few of the goddamns also seemed misplaced from the purely rhythmic point of view. But I'm no expert curser.

2 comentarios:

Steven D. Schroeder dijo...

Or better, "I can't believe what the ---- is going on here."

Joseph dijo...

Maybe it's Canadian diction. I know the actor's aren't Canadian, but the director...