5 oct. 2005

I got WKCR back, just in time for a special on Bill Dixon, a trumpet player of whom I was utterly ignorant until today. This is very humbling, but exciting too. It's nice to know you can still discover new things.

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Taylor Brady dijo...

What a piece of luck, discovering Dixon for the first time on the radio. Out here in the Bay Area, I had to wait to be handed a tape by a friend who had played with him -- our radio markets now being thoroughly Clear-Channelized, and our Pacifica affiliate going in for the hemp-sandals variety of "world" music, but not so much for someone like Dixon.

If you're looking for recordings, a few recommendations:

* Cecil Taylor, Conquistador (Dixon's playing on this has some hints at the deep, breathy thing that will come to dominate later in his career)
* Split LP or CD on the Savoy label with Archie Shepp -- packaging makes it look like a Bill Dixon-meets-Archie Shepp record, which it's not. Still worth a listen
* The two volumes of Vade Mecum, on Soul Note. This is for me the gold standard for more recent Dixon -- working with a two-basses-plus-drums ensemble (Peter Kowald, William Parker, Tony Oxley) really allows him to work those dark sonorities he's so attuned to.

Anyway, happy listening.


Jonathan dijo...

Thanks. I'll see if I like him as much at the end of the 16-hour birthday special as I do after a few hours.