27 sept. 2005


Juuiac, huuacc, mqqrsty, svvnehy!

Grryystc um grymmtc, drrvvwwp.

Hooxxk crck?

Smbbdmm, lsstm.

7 comentarios:

C. Dale dijo...

Dear God. Someone take the percocet jimmies away from Mayhew!


Jonathan dijo...

Whatever those are I think I need more of them, not less.

Ron dijo...

Yeah, my cell phone isn't any clearer than that, either.

Jonathan dijo...

To which I respond "xbumwvv bdduum, mssqqqt vv."

shanna dijo...

Juciest and totally whacked! written on marquees numbering seven.

Gristle tacks a grim metric for such a dear viewpoint.

Whose exits know crack?

Somebody's. Listen to me.

shanna dijo...


Existence abounds underwater,
baby doll. Woogie woogie, momma.
Messages quiet quickly. Tickling whomever.

[I call 'em like I see 'em y'all.]

Ernesto dijo...

Oh my joyce!