17 sept. 2005

Since a favorite poem is by definition one that hasn't been written yet, here is my favorite poem. I will now write it. Then it won't be my favorite anymore, after it has been written. But it is my favorite now, as I am about to write it:


I have lost the ability to weep. Formerly I could weep quite easily--up to the age of thirty or so. Gradually, however, I lost the habit and the knack. I haven't wept since my cousin's wife died in 2001. I didn't know her well.

I hear they are offering classes. At the YMCA. Classes in weeping. In sweating and bleeding. Classes in godamn punctuation, for chrissake. In cursing and bleating.

But the classes in weeping are full! The laughter classes are full!

For weeping, now, special prophylactic devices are required. Weeping cannot be responsibly depicted without mention of these devices. You must sign a release form--before taking the class. Who is the Professor of Weeping? It could easily be me! Except that, despite my thirty years experience, I know longer know how to weep.

Who will take my class? Or should I be a mere disciple, study with some master weeper? At the godamn Y, for chrissake.

I hear they are offering classes. Classes at the YMCA. Classes in weeping...


There, it is no longer my favorite poem. It is now my fifth favorite poem.

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