13 sept. 2005

Blog Heaven

I wake up and check Silliman's blog. It is about me, about how I am the best poet to do whatever it is I do: exactly that thing that I do, nobody does better. Nine poets who are also bloggers have accepted my poems today. Nine others write in agreeing with Silliman. Curtis loves my work and Mike Snider wants to give me a hug. I will be in Shampoo, Octopus, No Tell Motel, CWHOBB, and the Canary. I am on all the crush lists. I will be in the 2006 BAP, edited by David Lehman and Gary Sullivan. I play a minor but flattering role in a Jim Behrle Cartoon. Latta's blog has disappeared. Gabe Gudding can no longer stand Kent Johnson. I am going to NYC in November.

Well, at least some of this is true.

6 comentarios:

Whimsy dijo...

Hey, you can dream! :) Your list includes some of my phantasies, too. Maybe we can split up the list.

Jonathan dijo...

Well, four or five of these things are actually true!

Tony Tost dijo...

I saw Mike Snider recently. He really really wants to hug you.

Laura Carter dijo...

Jonathan, I bet if you sent a poem to CWHOBB, your dream would come true within, like, 24 hours.

Jonathan dijo...

That's very possible. I just need to find the perfect poem for CWHOBB.

Behrle, Prince of Trolls dijo...