1 jul. 2005

I'm reading In(ex)teriors / ex(in)interiors by Jess Mynes. An elegantly printed chapbook of poetic prose in the Language Poetry mode of a sequence of seemingly disconnnected sentences or sentence fragments. There's a fairly subtle Coolidge influence as well. You would never confuse it with a text by Silliman, Coolidge, or Hejinian, though. It's definitely it's own thing. I wish I could describe it better. This is a Bemsha Swing selection. I would hurry up and order it from Jess, since there are only 75 copies printed.


I don't necessarily approve of using my daughter's poetry as a stick to beat up the SoQ. You could just as easily say a ten-year old (actually 7-9 at the time of composition) could write a better poem than Ann Lauterbach, Jessica Grim, or Jonathan Mayhew. You would probably be right (especially with JM.) Some hapless new formalist named Brock was the victim du jour. That gunk in the machinery clogs up a lot of poetry of different "schools." (Of course, Ron, if a leaf fell on his front porch tomorrow morning, would use that leaf to argue against the SoQ.) Ron's point that the process of learning to write is mainly a process of unlearning is a good one, however. That might be what Laura Carter is going through now.

2 comentarios:

Laura Carter dijo...

Your guess is as good as mine!

Steven D. Schroeder dijo...

I've enjoyed your daughter's poetry and find your comment here apt. She's obviously a smart girl and doesn't deserve to get dragged into something stupid by a bunch of stupid poets like us.