11 jul. 2005

I'm kind of stuck on the "Brilliant Corners" section of Monk fake book poem. The title seems too overdetermined. There's even a magazine with that title devoted to jazz and literature. (I hate "jazz and literature," don't you?) I did come up with a "Blue Monk" section and a "Boo Boo's Birthday," along with "Epistrophy" and "Bemsha Swing" and "Well You Needn't." One rule I've set for myself is that each section has to be written as a different kind of poem from any other section. In other words, I'm not going to just go through and write the whole thing in the same "mode." Here's "Boo Boo's Birthday":

I don't need your sanctimonious condescension. Not any more!


Taking / a small child places, / places where she needs / to go.


I love meaning.

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