4 jul. 2005

I like a lot of what I see in The Tiny (issue 1, 2005). Katey Nicosia, "In Passing," starts off like this:

The nearby stranger's ashy jacket,
wrinkling a complaint of staircases,
like accordions or card pyramids...

Also: Hazel McClure's "Ghost Frames." Some poems by Maggie Nelson, whom I also noticed in The Hat. Nelson has a Creeleyesque thing going on that I appreciate

"It is what

it is. But

what is it?"

Another example, a poem starting like this:

"Today I am not
praiseworthy. Yet

you punish me
unduly.... "

How about Juliana Leslie's excellent "Hotel Utopia"? Another name that's new to me.

These are just my personal highlights. The entire issue is worthwhile. 93 pages of poetry that can be read in a few days--not quite as intense as 200+ pages of The Hat. The few poems here I don't care for particularly are those that wear their premises on their sleeves. I hesitate to criticize them because they are the type of poem I might enjoy myself in a different mood.

A shout out to some present and former bloggers in this issue: Noah Eli Gordon, Lamoureux, Behrle, Thorson, Nester, Huth, Shafer Hall, N. Moudry, Pafunda, Tieger. And the cover design by Jame Meetze. And of course, to the editors, Gina Myers and Gabriella Torres.

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